Labels designed for the multiple sectors defined in the range of products where the customer buy it just because they need it (legal mandatory). In these cases, the resistance and quality must be linked to achieve products, which are sometimes, when they are submitted to harsh labeling and distribution conditions.
Resisting these situations is only possible whether there is the perfect combination about type of support, adhesive and a very specific finish. Everything must be previously analyzed by our technical team.
High volume orders are a common feature in this type of labels. It makes this kind of productions profitable.
The introduction of special finishes, carried out through the acquisition of new productions elements, has enabled the application of distinctive elements in the final products without an excessive impact on manufacturing costs.

  • Up to 10 colours
  • Large print run
  • Varnished gloss / matte
  • Reverse printing
  • Silk-screen print inks
  • Cold stamping


Personal hygiene



Labels designed for reprint and applicable in all types of sectors. These labels can be completely white or with specific areas that allows customize the label afterwards.
The manufacturing material can be thermal unprotected or protected. On the one hand, unprotected labels are used when the conditions of application, preservation or distribution do not entail wide changes in temperature, wetness or friction. On the other hand, protected labels are used in the cases where the labels are submitted to the conditions outlined above.

Another material that is highly interesting in the reprintable labels is the protected thermal polypropylene that combines the excellent features of a thermal protected with the properties of a plastic label, avoiding that it gets wet or stains. Furthermore, it adapts better to the surfaces due to its elasticity.

  • Protected and unprotected
  • Printed or white
  • Back mole
  • Non-adhesive cardboard
  • Thermal polypropylene




Fruit and Vegetable

As well as standard labels, industrial labels are characterized by their high resistance to environmental conditions and highly aggressive handling, which is due to they are usually manufactured in special materials and protected with more slippery and resistant varnishes.
The presentation of this type of labels used to be diverse. It depends on the conditions of its application and features of the packaging or even the product that must be labeled. They can be served on a roll (conventional way), folded, rebounded etc.

  • Up to 10 colors
  • Varnished
  • Varnish reserves
  • Special adhesives
  • Multi-level die
  • Reverse printing
  • Peal and seal





Labels whose target market is the gourmet and high quality products where the trend is “I buy it due to I like it”. In this kind of labels the quality of the label is the most important aspect in order to add a high value for the label and for the customer. Giving it an elegant and luxurious appearance. Printing usually is done with special materials: special texturized, laminated supports… combined with specific stamping that contribute to create an own image of the label an increase the personality and the value perceived by the client.

  • Serigraphic relief (Volugraf)
  • Hot stamping online/offline
  • Silk-screen inks online/offline
  • Special dies
  • Inviolable materials
  • Anti-theft




High Cosmetics

Liquors & amp; Spirits


Labels whose target is the promotion or new launch of products, participation in raffles, advertising of events, etc. through the use of coding, scratch-scratch.
Labels in which, because they are applied to products susceptible to theft, such as perfumes, cosmetics, food …, it is necessary to place anti-theft microchips.
Labels for products in which the placement of radiofrequency devices is necessary. Product labels that due to their special conditions of distribution or danger require a large amount of information to be reflected, which makes the use of “Peal and seal” labels ideal.
Braille printing labels suitable for reading by blind people, etc.

  • NSequential numbering
  • Promotional codes
  • Anti-theft
  • Multilayer labels
  • Braille reading



Peal & Seal


This wide range of products gives us a strong presence in diverse industrial sectors and companies wine, fruit and vegetables, chemicals, candy, food, cosmetics, etc.. Throughout Spain, Portugal, Latin America, etc…